If you want to ace any interview, you must be very cautious about the 15 minutes before your interview. These 15 minutes has a crucial impact on the subconscious mind and hence, decide the way you will behave in front of the interviewer.

You are surrounded by the air of anxiety. A section of people around you might try to put you down and another section makes you grow overconfident about self. Some people would be eagerly waiting for the current interviewee to rush out of the HR room so they come to know what’s being asked. The candidates who direly want the job might end up being extremely nervous and doing activities like chabing or biting the nails or so. The fidgety environment turns you restless and tensed.

And you will understand that presenting yourself as this restless and tensed person can have no good influence on the interviewer. So it becomes really important for you that you do not allow this scary, apprehensive scenario affect you. Here, I have got you the seven do’s and dont’s in the 15 minutes just before the interview.


1. Be on Time

If you think that you can avoid the anxious scene just by arriving a little late and escaping the waiting time, then my friend you are mistaken. Running out of time would make you more out of nerves. Do not be too early. Do not be too late. Be on time, grab your seat and make yourself comfortable.

This will add punctuality to your good traits.

2. Carry with You all your Politeness

While walking down to the waiting room, meet everyone( be it receptionist or fellow candidates or anyone) politely. Greet them and be friendly to them. They are strong chances of their reporting about you to the HR’s or your being monitored through CCTV.
Besides, the friendly conversation would lessen your stress and develop inner confidence.It would count you on empathy.


3. Have a glance at Yourself

Before meeting the HR, you should once definitely make a check on yourself. You may have left the house looking like a million dollars, but you could still arrive looking like a vagabond.
In case, you have to change blazers or shoes or even do your hair, do not do it in the waiting area.
Seeing yourself in the mirror and finding you look good would raise your esteem.


4. Hold your Nerves

Staying calm and composed during the interview would help you listen carefully and stay focussed to both what is being asked as well which best way you can give your answers to the HR.
Do whatever it takes for you. Be it breathing, having water or whatever works for you. But make sure holding nerves does not mean to distract yourself and wind up chit chatting on social media or checking the notifications or such inept activities.
It impacts your ability to deal with the stressful situations.

5. Stop the last Minute Preparations

The last minute preparations would do no good to you. Rather if you continue practicing even at this last minute, you would turn out to be a Cramer who is reading out his script.
Do not ask your previous candidate of what was asked of him. Because if you do so, your reflexive action would make you hyper and prepare for it, or make you feel unconfident if you do not know it. In case, even you are able to prepare it, what is the probability that the interviewer in gonna ask it. And in case he gives a glitch, you will be caught in seconds and out of the race too.

6. Frame your Mindset

Clear your mind of all the secondary thoughts.And frame it for how you want to present yourself. You may even imagine your entry and how you are gonna start and how things should turn out to be. Gain all your confidence. Be positive and composed.

7. Take a deep Breath and Walk in

Yes, the person taking the interviews is not a monster. He is a human. No need to be too afraid. Just step in with all your esteem. Things will fall into place.

Team Skilled Guru wishes you best of luck for your next interview. You are gonna do your best if you follow these tips.