Best Interview Questions for Managers

The skill of effectively managing the team and motivating them to perform an excellent job is the critical requirement in this professional world. Skillful managers are always on trend, and even industry hires them on a lucrative salary. The recent boost in the startup has kicked the demand of managers to a new level as every company is trying to build their management team to handle the financial issues, or managing the clients. It is a cost-effective and sensible technique that most of the companies are aiming to achieve to grow their business.

Responsibilities of a Manager

The management skill is a necessity in every sector, and the business model relies on their leadership and ability to operationalize the management structure. Managers play an essential role in the company by successfully leading the business, managing stress and overseeing multiple operations.  The responsibility of a manager varies from company to company depending on its size and ethos.

Through this post, we are sharing some of the key responsibilities of a manager:

    1. Operation Management
    2. Hire and train new employees (Manage Staffing)
    3. Goal Setting (Long term basis or short-term basis)
    4. Liaising (Act as a link of communication between employees and the main boss
    5. Administrative work management
    6. Delegation of tasks
    7. Motivating the staffs
    8. Enforcing Policy
    9. Training the freshers
    10. Evaluating the complete work and employee’s performance
    11. Leadership

Establishing and maintaining the desired professional ethos within a new workplace is a required skill for a manager in a company. Confidence, interpersonal relationships, and stress management are the assets in this field.

Responsibilities Of managers

Skills Required for Managers

If you have ambitious plans for the future as a manager, make sure that you have the required skills. According to research by the Chartered Management Institute, young people between the age of 16 to 21 have poor leadership and management skills. Thus, every company invests in teaching these skills to their employees to brush up their confidence in managing several activities.

1. Decision- Making

Decision making is the action or process for making important decisions. Making a right decision at the right time is the sole requirement of any industry, and this is done by evaluating all the decisions and analyzing them. Based on the decision making analysis, it is found out what skill is essential and what is not. So, it is a must learn the skill to improve your managerial ability to take any decision.

2. Interpersonal and Relationship Building Skills

Managers are responsible for providing proper training to their team members and assigning them work. A manager must be approachable, compassionate and motivated and have good communication skills to handle the employee problem.

3. Administrative and Financial Skills

Every company has a budget plan, and the managers play a crucial part in managing the budget according to the recent market trends and achieve corporate goals. The managers must have certain skills and knowledge to achieve the financial targets:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Budget Preparation
  • Variance Analysis

4. Business Development Skills

Business development role in any industry performs various tasks, such as researching organizations, selling products or services to consumers, writing reports and making presentations, forecasting sells targets, etc. This role required skills which are excellent communication ability, unique problem solving, strong sales and negotiation techniques, time management ability, etc.

Managerial Interview Questions

Through our in-depth research, we have come across some of the most asked interview questions for managers. These questions are asked to test the management and technical skills of an interviewee.

Let us introduce some of the best managerial interview questions and their answers:

Questions Related to Management:

Leadership Questions

What is your expectation for a Manager?

Tips: Never criticise your last role or your past boss in an interview, it will lead to a terrible impression of yours in front of the interviewer. Instead of this, use this question as an opportunity to sell yourself and praise your excellent management skills with any suitable example.

Best Answers:

  • I appreciate those managers who understand the team and praise the employees for their hard work. I am a type of person who has been very honest with my employees and always have a strategic plan to handle any project related to management.
  • I believe managers should be fair to its employees, and if needed they should do constructive criticism without making them feel that they have been negatively judged, or failed in their role.

How do you motivate your team while handling any Projects?

Tips: Share a compelling story of your past that you have used to motivate yourself and your teammates while handling a critical situation. Explain the situation, your actions, and the results generated from your motivation techniques.

Best Answer:

I have a good experience of motivating my team members in the past. In my last job, I have faced a situation when……(create a story according to your convenience).

Questions related to Employee and their Qualifications and Skills

What Applicable Skills and Experience Do You Have?


  • The interviewer wants to know about your background and experience to understand how you are well suitable for the job.
  • Be very specific about your skills and experience, instead of explaining your role in detail.
  • Answer the skills according to the job requirement to get a better chance of selection.

Why Should We Hire You?

This is the ubiquitous question in any form of the interview. With this question, the interviewer wants to ask “What makes your best fit for this job?”.


  • This is the best question to brag about your unique ability and stand out from the crowd.
  • Keep your answer concise and fluid. Focus on your one or two qualities that make you well suitable for the job.
  • Use an interesting story from your experience while explaining your qualities.

Interview Tips for Managerial Interview

Whether you are applying as a fresher in management, or have experience in this field, interview preparation is very much important to perform your best. Here are some of the crucial tips that you can use while preparing for an interview:

  • Remain positive and focused and showed that you are the management material to the interviewer. Share the past story of your success while managing any important position in any company.
  • Be prepared for tricky questions. The interviewer may ask some curvy questions to analyze your grasping power and thinking ability. Try to answer these questions with confidence and act cool while giving a solution to a problem.
  • Be prepared for basic and standard questions. The hiring interviewer wants to know what you have done in the past and whether you are fit for the corporate world or not.

I hope these tips will help you in preparing for your interview and ace it by showing your leadership ability and other managerial skills.

“All The Best and Cheers.”

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