Social media is a useful tool for professionals and entrepreneurs. It can better your personal and professional brands and connect you with other people in your industry. However, a slip-up can cost you your job or ruin your career.

Social Media Mistakes That Could Damage Your Career

  1. Not Keeping Professional and Personal Separate.
  2. Complaining About Your Job or Boss
  3. Sharing Your Latest Job Offer
  4. Posting Tasteless Comments
  5. Posting Photos with Alcohol etc.


These 5 Social Media Mistakes ruin your Career but on other side it gives you a great platform to showcase your skills and show your professionalism. Now-a-days in many reputed companies, they take help from social media platforms to recruit employees for their companies. Platforms like LinkedIn etc easily give you a chance to show your existence in Professional World.

Let’s discuss each way that may help you to boost your career using Social Media:

  1. Social Media a Job finding Platform: The days of rendering here and there with your resume is now at end. You have to change the way of applying for a job. Thousands of job sharing is done today by companies on social media. Search it and grab it easily.
  2. A Visible Resume on Social Sites: Websites like LinkedIn etc gives you a chance to get touch with different employees of companies directly. Update your Social profiles with creative style gets you a job easily.
  3. Curating Content for your Expertise: Whichever social network suits you most, curating content for your expertise is a perfect way to showcase what you know and care about. Pinterest and Twitter are ideal for this, but you may also see great results on other social networks. The things to keep in mind about curating content are that you’re showcasing what you know, you’re attracting followers who like that sort of information, and you’re positioning yourself as an expert in that knowledge. And what’s more, because you’re reading the latest news regularly, you probably ARE an expert.
  4. Content Writing to show case your Expertise: This may also gives you chance to grow and create new contacts with those who really needs you. You can create your own blog or try Writing your article on Skilled Guru, LinkedIn etc. This shows your expertise on a particular field easily and smartly.

Attracting Customers and Employers: All of your regular posts, genuine relationship-building and active curation eventually pull together to create a social profile that shows you’re a skilled, interesting, relatable individual. Potential clients and employers come to appreciate your professionalism, they recognise your face and they remember who you are. Who are they going to hire when they next have work that needs doing? You, if you’re available.