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Father: A Hero of Every Family

The days of love “Father’s Day”

This is the story of an athlete and an ordinary guy who did extraordinarily.

This is the story of Derek Redmond. He held the British record for the 400 meters sprint and won gold medals in the 4×400 meters relay at the World Championships and European Championships. He was participating in 400m at Barcelona Olympics, Spain-1992. The race started, Derek ran as everyone knows he would- fast, really fast. He took a great start running in leane number. The crowd cheered, all hoping here he goes again but then Redmond broke. The jinx had struck again as he lay on the ground because of his injury. Groaning in pain this athlete summoned all his courage and stood up again & tried completing the race. Officials tried to stop him but then a guy from the audience came running shouting “Redmond it’s me”. This guy came to Redmond, hold him & helped him walk. Redmond went emotional, he actually cried while jumping, walking in front of thousands of people but never gave up. That guy was his father who did not let him give up.

The moment anyone reads “days of love” the first word that coins are Valentines & it should be as love is an indispensable feeling one can not describe but only feel. On the other hand, if you think deeper your conscious starts thinking of father’s day, mother’s day and so on. Everyone close to our heart deserves at least one day of our life, especially our parents.

Papa, Abba, Paaa may more words are a combination of alphabets describing the same person “hero of every family-father”. All of us have infinite reasons to be thankful for our Care Taker. He nurtured us, educated us, taught us the right thing, maybe sacrificed his dreams for our wishes. We all are thankful for his fatherhood. But today let’s think again and thank him for just being there for us, for being a son’s best friend, a family’s hero, a daughter’s first love. He stood there for us when we fell when we made a mistake, he laughed with us, he cried for us, for being brave when times were harsh. we all celebrate festivals, family days even April fool’s day-seriously April fool’s day but not father’s day so often.We all have been thankful to the father, did many things for him as well but maybe never thanked him on father’s day. But this father’s day let us do something different. I understand the son-father relationship is much childish, joyful, it’s not actually fatherhood it’s a bro code but a gift of thanks, a state of joyful emotions is worth trying.

A father’s support needs no explanation but deserves admiration on this father’s day. So this father’s day my friends show all your thanks, all your emotions for your Caretaker and tell him he deserves that.Present a day to your Care Taker. Do this & later I will share great stuff for April fool’s day as well. :))

Thank him for bringing you up,

Thank him for educating you,

Thank him fro being with you,

Thank him for holding your hand,

Thank him for tolerating you sometimes,

Thank him for being a friend,

Thank him for being strong,

Thank him for just being there for you.

This father’s day thank him for being a father.

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