“All the great speakers were bad speakers at first” – Rolph Waldo Emerson

It is not a tough task to understand why the fear of dying is inferior to the dismay of public speaking. Public speaking removes our comfort level and forces us to step out.

It ranks on top of the list of phobias for most people. Many people are afraid of public speaking, and they got shivering and tended to speak in a low tone, which results in the loss of interests of people. Frankly speaking,

It is a natural process, and it happens when one intimidate much about how the others will judge them, and when one force himself to remain calm.

Public speaking is an art rather than just a skill. It is about how your speech will sound to your audience, irrespective of its content. It could be an unpleasant thing for you when you have to put your stand, and face judging faces with a hope of getting your message delivered compellingly. However, it may lead to sweating in your hands, dry out your mouth, shaking of your knees, and speed your speech reading pace.

Power of Public Speaking

Reasons for Fear of Public Speaking

1. One reason to frighten with speaking in public could be your past experience. You might have delivered a speech or performed an act in front of public earlier, but it ended up badly. It could be the reason that you have lost confidence in yourself and always afraid of speaking out.

2. The other reason could be that you haven’t delivered a speech yet, and when you want to speak, the probabilistic circumstances make you take back your step. These circumstances are just the inner conflict in your mind, such as, how people will react to my speech, Will my speech sound good, What if everyone laughs at me, etc.

Public Speaking Fear
Reason to frighten from public speaking

Well, this post is not to make you frightened but is to make you aware of your situation while delivering the speech and providing you with its remedies. We are providing you with solutions to develop your confidence while speaking in public.

Public Speaking Tips and Tricks

We are delighted to present the best of public speaking tips to overcome your fear and to get over the nervousness. These tips are given by experts to develop confidence while speaking in public.

1. Start to speak in small audience group

You should start with the small audience if you are new to the world of public speaking. Try to start with your close family and friends who could support and help you to lose your hesitation. Just remember one thing, no. of the audience does not matter once you have built confidence, and if you know your topic very well.

2. Get Yourself Organized

An organized thought and materials about your speech will help you to become much calmer and relaxed. You must take all of your required time to put your ideas all together in an orderly manner. You should take care of opening, body content, and a conclusion. The first part of your presentation should be eye-catchy, and the body content supports your topic, while end delivers a message. Getting yourself organized help you in reducing stress and speaking anxiety while make you focus on one thing at a time which results in a great speech.

3. Focus on Patterns of Speech

Every form of speech has a pattern, and if you are keen to become an excellent public speaker, you must get aware of it. Try to keep your speech sort and take a short pause while delivering to add anticipation. You can use some powerful words, and special speech tones to make it more exciting.

4. Practice In The Front of Mirror

Practicing your speech in front of a mirror will make you feel like you are talking to someone. You can judge your facial expressions, body gesture, movement while delivering in front of the mirror. It is the best technique till-date for the overall development of your public speaking skills.

5. Record and Listen

The one alternative for practicing in front of the mirror is to record your speech on either phone or a video camera. Recording your voice make you aware that how your statement sounds to the audience, and on what thing you need to improvise.

6. Practice……and More Practice.

No other thing can beat practice. Find any business organization, network or club, such as Toastmasters club, that provides you with an opportunity for practicing. Get prepare well and don’t forget to understand your topic completely. If possible, always choose a topic that you are already expert on, as the unfamiliar topic might increase your stress, and disrupt your speech.

7. Try Public Speaking Training Course.

Try a public speaking training course which is appropriate for your needs. Such a course will help to learn how to engage your audience. You can also find a great coach or mentor to assist you. Learning this art can improve your results in a boardroom, a sales presentation, and even help you in generating a business lead.

8. Practice To Deal With Nervousness

Practice a ton to hide your nervousness while moving towards a podium on stage, while delivering a speech. Sometimes one gets even more nervous to cover it. You need to understand that you can only control your nervousness, but can’t hide it.

  • Do not overthink the audience’s reaction. They are not able to see your nervousness.
  • Never show any dull or negative expressions, such as yawning, and when you see someone looking exhausting and bored in the audience, you need to ignore such a person and focus on to present your information.
  • Try deep breathing and think of a more relieved situation to comfort you.

9. Lubricate Your Throat.

Just like an engine needs proper lubrication to function correctly, your voice also needs to be lubricated to perform well. Making a speech in front of the audience requires high pitch voice, which dries your mouth. So, you must lubricate your throat with lukewarm water, or lemon-water solution. Don’t try sugary beverages, as it will drain your mouth which makes it harder to talk.

Always keep a thing in your mind that nobody is born a great speaker. It is the practice and hard work that makes them a perfect speaker. Even Warren Buffett has faced public speaking anxiety at first. But, he was not the person who lose hope and started giving training to investors twice of his age to improve his speaking skill.

Quotes on Public Speaking and Leadership

Public speaking is a crucial skill in the business world. Our body is geared for either fight or flight, and it is up to you what you want, to figure out a way to improve your speaking skill or to move away from the situation and blame yourself.

Today, we are sharing some of the great quotes on public speaking and leadership that will motivate you to learn this art. These examples are the epitome of public speaking and leadership by some legends:

  1. Public Speaking is the are of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary- John P. Kennedy
  2. The cynics may be the loudest voices- but I promise you, they will accomplish the least- Barack Obama
  3. It takes one hour of preparation for each minute of presentation- Wayne Burgraff
  4. Defeat the fear of death and welcome the death of fear- G. Gordon Liddy
  5. When you speak about something, you passionately care about you will be more confident and feel more confident in your element- Brian Tracy
  6. I’ve been on stage thousand times and I always have a moment of nerves- AMN Handley
  7. It takes a deep commitment to change and even deeper to grow- Ralph Ellison
  8. People buy into the leader before they buy into theJohn Maxwell
  9. May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears- Nelson Mandela
  10. If you want to live a happy life, try it to a goal, not to a human or objects- Albert Einstein

Your competition is with only one person, and if you want to know who is it, look into the mirror, you have to face yourself to be a master in any field. Deep inside you is more strength than you have ever known.

Best Books on Public speaking

If Public speaking is your cup of the shoe, then you have not much to worry about in any presentation. Public Speaking makes you more confident, gives you a better attitude and knowledge to win your audience from the very beginning.

If you are looking forward to pushing your communication skill further, or you are a neophyte, who is starting from a scratch and trying to build the skill, these books will help you in both cases:

1. The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of The World’s Top Minds: Carminne Gallo

This book is among the top bookseller list in the business world. The author Carmine has also written on the secrets of Steve Job’s speaking skills, so he is experienced in this genre of writing.

Public Speaking Books
Talk Like TED

2. The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking: Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie has shared his more than forty years of public speaking experience through this book. He has shared three keys to a great speech through this book, which are:

A. Be Prepared

B. Speak to Your Interests

C. Remember Your Audience

speaking in public
The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking

Apart from the tips, we shared today; you can also improve your skill by filming for youtube videos on particular topics. You can start with 2-3 videos a week, and with time noticeable progress can be seen in your speaking skills.

The Power of Belief

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