Hyundai HR Interview Questions-The Unexpected Level 1

The experience embedded in upcoming lines about HR interview questions, language, career, recruitment, and the job is based on a true interview.

An interview happened in 2016 for automobile company Hyundai India recruitment. The company takes 3 interviews in a row as a part of qualifying process after a GD and a test. The article is all about the first level of interview. Enjoy reading.

We all have to undergo the process of GD, interview etc. to get a job. But sometimes the HR interview questions can go unexpected or not as learned from Google guru but even then the final result of recruitment stays in your hand. Let us see how.

Hyundai Strike 1

On entering after a knock and permission the 1st question asked by the interviewer is “why are you not shaved” Don’t you know you are appearing for an interview?

Answer: I just like having a beard. Anyways shaved or not I would stay the same person.

Conclusion: There is no constitution for what is right or wrong in a career interview. It’s all about perspective. If you have a valid reason for whatever you did the HR interview questions become a piece of cake. 

Hyundai Strike 2

(The workplace happens to be far away from the candidate’s home and also quite different.)

The next question comes “How will you manage to stay at the work location?”

Answer: What makes you think I cannot? It is just another place. Just a little different which can actually be interesting & fun I guess.

Conclusion: The common perception is, when the interviewer presented the new location as a problem in the question, most people start taking it as a problem & answer as “I will handle it” or “I can manage that”, but keep your brain open & first think about the validity of the question. It need not revolve around your skills. This thing can really be helpful to tackle HR interview questions & turn them into a plus point for career recruitment as most of the interview questions are based on diverting your thoughts.

Hyundai Strike 3

(The post is actually handled by B.Tech graduates just to create fear the HR created an impression that it is meant for MBA postgraduates)

A strange question “Can you handle a post meant for MBA pass outs, you are just a B.Tech graduate”

Answer: I think I can because otherwise, you would not have been interviewing for B.Tech graduates.

Conclusion: Most of the time the questions are answered as an attempt to justify yourself but if you think logically the justification is obvious sometimes. So instead of saying “I will work hard to justify the position” the answer was given pointing to the fact that if the post is really meant for MBA postgraduate why are you interviewing B.Tech pass outs. It simply signifies that the candidate is eligible for the requested post.

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Well, after that the interview obviously had plenty of easy questions but the first three were actually enough to get shortlisted.

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