One More Virus to be Declared after 21 days Deadly than CORONA

Be ready to face one more deadly virus after Corona. It’s not about few Days or few more months you may be lock down. The conditions are still not in control and public is not following lockdown in India and in this stage Be ready to cope one more virus after this CORONA tragedy. What would happen if this going to be more disastrous?

Yes, this will happen for sure. Government is announcing funds. Food free of cost and much more free services. Do you think from where it is coming from? Resources are limited and everything we took from nature, we must have to payback.

Let’s discuss the things one by one:

Rest Mode:

Maximum people changing there daily routine habits.This will again took time to change. Your body and mind just going into rest mode. Start scheduling your daily routine work.


This Lockdown may leave you in depression. Many people are away from their family members and nothing to do just using their mobiles that’s it. So, don’t create depression a new virus which country have to tackle after Corona fight.

Economy Slowdown:

Be ready to loose your jobs. Makeup your mind to search new areas to start earnings. Plan your new ways of earnings. This economy slow down will hit each and every person either he lives in India or in other countries. So be creative and learn new skills to make sure your living in your country. Use this lockdown period as much as you can. Don’t waste a single minute otherwise you have to fight a new virus after this Corona.

Hope you all will follow the guidelines of Lockdown and start thinking in a new way you like the most. Time to covert your Passion into Earning.