Four Killer Points to Learn Anything in 20 Hours

April 11, 2017

All the skills you need to learn for a career, professional or educational life can be learned in 20 hours per activity or only a new skill every week. 20 Hours to Learn Anything Wait for a minute friend that is possible. You must have heard of the learning curve, if not let me tell […]

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GATE Preparations


March 28, 2017

The National Level Examination, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is given by the Undergraduate Engineering Students to prove their level of understandings of the core Engineering subjects. GATE’s score is used for the basis of creating various merit lists for the admission to the various post-graduate programs (e.g. M.E., M.Tech, direct Ph.D.) in Indian colleges providing […]

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Brain Training Useful

7 Ways to Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More

March 22, 2017

Train your Brain – The most important thing in anyone’s life is of course learning. Whatever goal you choose it goes through the path of learning, interesting or not is definitely not so easy. But did you ever realize that your brain also has tastes, likes and dislikes, etc. simply because your brain is nothing […]

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Engineering Workshop

The Millionaire Guide For Conducting Workshop In Engineering Colleges.

March 17, 2017

Engineering is not as easy as people think. It needs Hard Work, Dedication, and Team Work. When a student enters in engineering field some new words strike his ears and workshop is one of them. Some of them are free, and some are paid. He will apparently be confused if either it was beneficial for him […]

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Skills to get a Job

3 Interview Job Mysteries to Get Hired

March 4, 2017

After so much preparation of technical and non-technical interview questions, students are ready to face engineering job interviews. It is critical to understand what the interviewer look into the engineers. Employers were looking for the best candidates having excellent skills and personality that were a good fit for their requirements. Their skills select some, some of […]

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Successful, Time Management Tips, Time management Skills

6 Ways To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

February 28, 2017

Many of us think Comfort Zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person, and they are at ease and in control of their environment, experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress. In this zone, a steady degree of performance is possible. But in this Zone, a human Being becomes useless and not able to use his […]

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Leader Qualities

Leadership Qualities to become Stunning Leader

February 23, 2017

After four years of college experience, I faced many good, bad experiences that taught me the real meaning of leadership. So, students today going to tell you what Leadership exactly is and how it is different from politics and management and How to become a good leader? What is Leadership? Leadership has nothing to do […]

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See How these 7 Time Management Skills Going To Change Your Whole Life

February 22, 2017

Do you remember those days when parents force you to make a daily routine timetable and pressurize you to start working according to that timetable? What your parents want to teach you? Why they force you to do things at the right time? How exactly Time Management Skills effectively work for you? Time is a precious, priceless diamond. […]

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how to write a resume, resume writing template, resume writing format, resume writing for freshers, how to write a resume for a job, how to write a simple resume, example of a resume, how to write a resume for the first time, how to write a resume for a job with no experience

HOW TO WRITE A BEST RESUME – Analyse Your Resume Easily

February 19, 2017

Let’s face it. Writing resume could be an intimidating task. Whereas the resources providing writing tips are huge in number while few indeed offer a step by step method in a way how to write one. But if you would like to put in writing it on your own, we tend to commend your intrepidity and here to guide you thru the procedure. How to Write a Resume Think of your resume in this way: It’s a pamphlet, and […]

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