Success has a shape


What we think

Everyone’s dream, the so-called mission of life is the success. We all have dreamt of becoming millionaires, famous or become a celebrity. The idea of overnight success is thrilling as well as fascinating. who doesn’t want it?

We all wait for that one idea to strike, for that one golden job that will make us what we want to be.

Be it a start-up, a job, exam results or life we all have imagined ourselves at the top. I guess you are imagining that right now.

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the power of belief and success


What is the reality?

However, the reality is different. Overnight success is either a dream or an exception & you cant spend your life waiting for the unexpected to happen. Fame, money & position are all a result of smart & hard work, countless hours of passion, un-measurable levels of dedication and much more. But in the limelight of success & stardom we usually fail to see the story of endless hope behind.

Success is not a point in life but a story to build.

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The Key

How does success look?

To have a broad and organised view of what we are talking about look here.

Shape of success If you cannot see this image you are missing a lot

The shape of success

This is the outline of every success story. The journey starts with the enthusiasm of being successful, being rich, being great. Everything is full of energy but a little hurried, inexperienced & maybe impractical. The energy soon converts in exhaustion when faced by reality and the majority of people give up at this moment- the so-called valley of death. Those who have hope carry on their work regardless of what the fruit is. And then comes the first fruit of success after long waiting. The first fruit, however small is an indicator of the right path. Continuous motivation and passion take you far on your journey and then comes a time when you never look back.

This is the story of every successful startup, every remembered life, every unbelievable story.

Failure is just a feedback

How to tackle valley of death?

Valley of death, believe it or not, is a region that differentiates winners from losers. It is alike the dark valley at the end of which light prevails. This is the time when you realize flaws in your ideas, loop holes in your plans and everything else that needs correction. Take it as a chance to realize your flaws, understand the falls & make plans, make plans for improvement.

Fall as hard as you can to rise as high as possible.