International Day of Yoga or Yoga Divas celebration (as called in Hindi),21-june-17 is a moment of celebrating health for all of us, when India’s great known art – Yoga became known to the entire world.

Yoga as an art across the entire world has opened doors of opportunities like fitness oriented jobs, new careers, higher mental satisfaction, ways of achieving concentration, relaxation or moksha.

Yoga is an old known art of India. Yoga is a group of physical, mental & spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. It is known have its roots in Rigveda.

With time yoga has undergone many modifications and improvements. There are several examples to depict the power of yoga and what yoga’s higher levels can do. We share here one such story

The story inspires all of us to take yoga as a companion for life whether as a hobby or career.

10 Facts About Yoga You Should Know About Yoga on Yoga Divas Celebration

  • A way to achieve fitness- yoga is not an exercise but a form of art that does not involve exhaustion like a workout.
  • The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which simply means to unify or to yoke.
  • Rig-Veda is believed to be the oldest known texts in the world and embeds knowledge of Yoga.
  • Yoga boosts the immune system on a genetic level.
  • It is not only a cycle of gestures but involves breathing in the right way, if not its efficiency decreases.
  • It is not only about asana but it has different levels ranging from physical, mental to the unconscious. Asana is actually the 3rd level amongst its 8 levels.
  • According to Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s oldest yoga teacher is Bette Calmen(85-year-old)
  • A yoga teacher Gladys Morris(90-year-old) is petitioning the Guinness World Records to identify him as the oldest.
  • The male practitioner is called Yogi & female practitioner is called Yogini.
  • Doga is a form of Yoga that is practiced with pet dogs to increase the bond between pets and owners.

Everything You Need to Know About Yoga

“Yoga Enhances Concentration”

  1. Salutation Seal‘( Yoga mudra)

It is the easiest and easiest one to do. This pose increases our concentration. Just sit cross-legged and join palms together. Keep spine erect and go for deep breaths. That’s ll. Do it for 10 to 15 minutes daily & enjoy a promising career ahead

  1. Eagle Pose‘(Garudasana)

This balancing posture helps to increase concentration, but Eagle Pose is especially advantageous for attaining focus. The pose gets its name from the Hindu god Garuda, known for his will, strength, and concentration.

  1. Warrior 2‘(Virabhadrasana 2)

A warrior requires intense concentration, focus, and bravery, and Warrior 2 makes us embody all of those qualities. The posture requires our full body to be engaged, and our gaze, or ‘drishti (vision) to be fixed at one point. 

  1. Crane Pose‘(Bakasana)

Arm balances are also required for cultivating focus and concentration, and crow pose is an excellent one to start with.

  1. Seated Forward Bend‘(Paschimottanasana)

Forward bends are known to quiet the mind and relieve us of stress — both of which really come in handy when we concentrate on something.

  1. Nadi Shoddana Pranayama'(Alternate Nostril Breathing)

Five minutes of Nadi Shoddana Pranayama will help us reach a more peaceful, clear, and focused state of inner self. This breathing practice is called a ‘cure all,’ because it can boost our energy when we feel sluggish and relaxed when we are feeling anxious or stressed.   

  1. Meditation

Meditation has been studied in great depth for yoga’s focus-enhancing and brain-powering benefits. Meditation, which involves focusing at one point is associated with better focus, as well as reduced stress and anxiety

All these asanas including maintaining physical & mental balance at great depths and hence increase the power of concentration. 

Career Opportunities in Yoga

After completing one the days of gaining education a yoga devotee can have careers in the following areas:

  • Yoga Therapist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Aerobics Instructor
  • Therapists and Naturopaths
  • Research Officer- Yoga and Naturopathy

Career Scope

Based on the Yoga training we have received; we can choose from the careers mentioned above. A self-employment is an option as a career that many opt for as well. Yoga is gaining ground among the ever-increasing number of people who seek peace adding to the demand for Yoga career jobs

However, yoga teaching as compared to other professions is less paid but it is the passion attached to the profession that attracts individuals.

This Yoga Divas Celebration

In celebration of the third Yoga Divas, the headquarters of UN in New York was glowing with the word ‘Yoga’ on Monday(19-june-17).

It is the second year in a row that the UN headquarters have specially illuminated in the celebration of Yoga Divas.

Many events are in the plan by India’s Permanent Mission to the UN to make the day. The Consulate will have the flagship Yoga event on yoga Divas celebration.

The Permanent Mission of India will be organizing a ‘Yoga Session with Yoga gurus’ at the world body’s hub on yoga Divas celebration.

The United Nations will also launch special stamps on Yoga Day. The UN postal agency, UN Postal Administration (UNPA) will launch the special event sheet to mark the day that has been marked annually from 2015. The special sheet is of stamps with images of the sacred Indian sound ‘Om’ and many yogic asanas.

On yoga divas celebration, Prime Minister Modi will lead a crowd of over 55,000 people,  in Lucknow.

Across the world, several countries are getting ready to celebrate the day.

Yoga celebrations would take place across 12 cities in eastern China from June 17 to 25.

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