Worried about Backs in Engineering? Searching for a Job?

As we all know the quality of education in engineering institutions of India is not upto mark. Sometimes mistakes of students taking engineering lightly and sometimes the institutes don’t increase there standards. In both the cases, the student had to suffer in the form of backs(failures) in different semester exams. We will discuss the possible things you can easily do after 4 years of regular classes with having some backs in different subjects. Let us say you are not able to clear your engineering in 4 years or 5years(in some cases) then you think you are finished and start living with depression. This is not the right way to live. Failures are part of life. What you have to do is to find the right solution at the right time. Below are some solutions you can easily follow and with that you will never feel that your backs in engineering affected your learnings and success in life. Let’s start:

1. Go for Start-ups:

Every start-up has its own stories. Maximum of them are searching for manpower that would cost them low. You can directly target these types of companies if you are sound in your field. You just search these type of companies in your surrounding and that’s it. It is very easy to contact directly to CEO’s of these startups. Just mail him/her and if you find their contact number directly call them and fix your interview with them. This is the best possible way to start your career.

Startups are the best option to start if your have backs in Engineering
Startups are the Best option

Maybe your salary is low in this case but it’s better to start from a startup. From this you not only cover the failures in engineering but also learn how to survive in challenging world by becoming an all-rounder. You have a bright future if you worked with startups in your early stages. You get experience to fight with different things not only with technicals. Give interviews as much as you can till you didn’t get the job.

2.  Follow your Passion:

If you feel engineering is not for you or you just joined engineering or any course due to some parental pressure or any reason then this the right time to start with your passion. Forgot your past and fight with your depression and start following your passion with full energy but don’t follow money in starting. Just sit in front of a mirror and asks some questions from yourself.

Passion if you fail in Engineering
Follow your Passion

Which is the best thing you are good at? Start doing that thing without wasting a single minute.

3. Start preparing for Government Exams:

This option is only for those who are really excited about doing so. Normally it will take more than a year for the preparation of such exams and it is sufficient to clear your engineering also simultaneously. Just you have to put your all efforts that will definitely give you fruitful results.

Backs in Engineering - Fail in Engineering
Try what you Want

4. Teaching College Students:

You can start teaching students in which you have backs but first clear your own concepts. Sometimes you have failures not because you are weak in studies. There are many other genuine reasons. In those cases, this is the best way to stay active with your concepts and it will also give you experience if you want to join some institutions as a teacher.

Teaching to Learn New things
Teaching to Learn New Things

5. Start Your Own Business:

Business is also a good option if you are really passionate about. If you have some family background and know how to deal with business challenges then you don’t need experiences to do jobs and wasting your time. You just need weight in your Idea and that’s it. Make your team with best partners. Even if you fail in this don’t regret you have learned in your hand and that is sufficient to join a startup or companies related to your business field.

Business after failure in Engineering
Business after failure in Engineering

If you are feeling depressed and really want some career guidance then you can also write us on [email protected]. We will try to contact you as soon as possible and try to find the best possible solution for your career related problems.