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Don't Underestimate Yourself

Never Underestimate Your Self – Must Read

February 8, 2019

Don’t be angry when others underestimate you. #Reality Someone Applied for an internal position. He aced the interview but still got rejected even though He was the top candidate. He later learned the person hired was a friend of his boss. He got tired of office politics and started applying to other companies, and within […]

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September 30, 2018

Starting with some most common but important points that add up to your personality and Light up your Life with Confidence Most Common Points but Important Ones Laugh as much you can. Laughter is a positive, natural condition which helps to improve respiration, lower blood pressure and tone up the heart. If you feel sad, […]

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Positive Attitude


September 25, 2018

What is Attitude? Attitude is our inward feeling expressed by our behavior. Attitude is our outlook on life, based on our past experiences. It is that which draws people toward us or repels them. This Video is so Popular in Social Media, which shows the Attitude of a candidate in an interview. Many comes and […]

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upsc ias toppers interview questions


September 15, 2018

UPSC Civil Services IAS Interview: UPSC Interview round is the most important and challenging part of the Civil Service Examination for the aspirants who have cleared the Prelims and Mains. The interview has been described as an examination of the overall personality of the candidate, including analytical ability, lateral thinking, logical decision making etc. The […]

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Hr interview Tips

Why Interview Tips Working for Toppers and Not for You: Hr Interview Tips

August 31, 2018

  It’s funny when we meet candidates who are leveraging Hr Interview tips, they always tell us one of two things… Either they can’t figure out how to impress Hr(no matter how much knowledge they have)… OR They’ve figured out how to impress Hr with their skills, but they don’t know how to beat the […]

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Project Manager Interview Questions

Project Manager Interview Questions

August 30, 2018

It is the best strategy to analyze and research the project manager interview questions before going for an interview. The project manager is the person who is responsible for the accomplishment of projects objectives. Furthermore, this individual is behind the team progress, mutual parties interaction, and maintaining the tasks of various parties. Also, this person […]

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Best Interview Questions for Managers

August 18, 2018

The skill of effectively managing the team and motivating them to perform an excellent job is the critical requirement in this professional world. Skillful managers are always on trend, and even industry hires them on a lucrative salary. The recent boost in the startup has kicked the demand of managers to a new level as […]

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No Fear, Yes i can Speak In Public-min


August 7, 2018

“All the great speakers were bad speakers at first” – Rolph Waldo Emerson It is not a tough task to understand why the fear of dying is inferior to the dismay of public speaking. Public speaking removes our comfort level and forces us to step out. It ranks on top of the list of phobias […]

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Best Job Interview Tips, Job Interview Guide

How to Prepare for a Job Interview – Job Interview Guide

December 31, 2017

If you want to get selected for an interview, you have to prepare for the interview. Without preparation you are nothing. “Practice makes a man Perfect”. So, Start your preparation now:-¬† Job Interview Guide Preparation is necessary and greatly¬†enhances your chances of performing well, So: Know your Resume. click here Skills required for the Position […]

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Top Interview questions, hyundai Interview

Hyundai HR Interview Questions-The Unexpected Level 1

October 5, 2017

The experience embedded in upcoming lines about HR interview questions, language, career, recruitment, and the job is based on a true interview. An interview happened in 2016 for automobile company Hyundai India recruitment. The company takes 3 interviews in a row as a part of qualifying process after a GD and a test. The article […]

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