CAT Exam 2022  To be very honest, there is no easy task to crack exam like CAT, and if you want to snap it in the first attempt, then you have to appear in this exam like you have appeared for it multiple times and it requires a lot of practice and dedication. CAT is a very fickle exam, and there isn’t any sure shot method which promises you to clear this as the circumstances and situation vary from person to person, and one should start their preparation as per their strength and weakness.

Today we will discuss the strategy one needs to adapt if he/she is willing to kill the monster CAT exam in the first fist of the fight. But before moving forward, let me make you introduce to this monster.

This exam consists mainly of three sections:

  1. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

  • Total No. of Questions = 34
  • Total Marks= 102
  • Duration = 60 Minutes


  1. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

  • Total No. of Questions = 32
  • Total Marks = 96
  • Duration = 60 Minutes
  1. Quantitative Ability

  • Total No. of Questions = 34
  • Total Marks = 102
  • Duration = 60 Minutes

So, overall there are 100 questions in CAT exam 2022 which you have to complete in 180 minutes (3 hours) where you will get an addition of three marks (+3) for each correct MCQ and Non-MCQ questions, and deduction of one marks for each incorrect MCQ questions (-1). However, there will be no any deduction of marks for an incorrect Non-MCQ question.

CAT Exam 2022 will be conducted by last of November or by the starting of December, which means you have got only four months in your hand for preparation. So today, we are sharing some of the strategies suggested by best of teachers and students to guide you to success.


Experts believe that no book is enough to clear this exam and you need to solve as many questions as possible. For a short-term preparation, you have to grasp every detail, and you need to be motivated throughout.

Short-Term Preparation Strategy

  • One set of material for practice ( TIME material is best for quants and DI and for LR, you can go for CL material and IMS for the verbal section)
  • Take at least two standard mocks to analyse your progress (Test Funda, IMS or Career Launcher)
  • Join a course for doubt clarification and concept building (iquanta is best for both students and working professionals).

Long-Term Preparation Strategy

The long-term strategy is complete year planning to crack CAT Exam 2022, and it needs impeccable dedication of at least two to three hours a day. If you start your preparation by March, then you can efficiently cover all of your concepts by the time of the exam. In the first three month planning from March to May, dedicate your time to learn basics of every topic and to understand what kind of questions will be coming in an exam and try to take as much topic tests as possible. The month of June to August is the time when you moved back to the harder questions of the subject and analyse your progress through a sectional test. By the end of August, you should try a minimum of two full-length mock tests. From September to November, invest your time in practicing previous year questions, focus more on reading and practicing RC. September is the best month when you have learned all the concepts, so you need to spend a lot of time in taking and analysing your mock tests.


Quantitative Aptitude is one of the most frightening sections for the CAT Exam 2022 aspirants. However, from the past few years, its level has been reduced. So, it is best preferred to prepare strategically and focus more on fundamental questions. To practice for the quant section, you need to follow any standard book, such as Quantum Cat by Sarvesh, apart from the practice material of any coaching institute.

Topics to focus on QA:

  • Number System
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Probability
  • Miscellaneous topics, such as Set theory, Trigonometry, and Logarithm.


Mock tests and past notes combined are very best options to prepare for DILR. This section tests the student’s ability to test the candidate’s ability to make decisions in less time with limited inputs. It needs practice and speed to take decisions within the given time limits. Remember one thing while you are practicing for DILR questions, don’t look back to the solution immediately, even you are unsure, try to give your best while solving puzzles…

Topic to cover for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning section:

  • Set theory (most crucial part in DILR)
  • Ratio Proportion
  • Missing data tables
  • Questions based on average age concepts
  • Time and Work



Verbal ability section focusses on a broad field of topics and to score well in this section; you need to have a profound grasp of articles from different topics. You can do this by reading a daily editorial from “The Hindu” paper, practicing daily, and practicing past year paper. Reading Comprehension is the most scoring topic in this section, and you need to practice at least two RCs every day if you are aiming big. Besides RCs, vocabulary is also one of the major topics and you can prepare it by practicing Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.

Topics to cover for verbal ability section:

  • Reading Comprehensions (RCs)
  • Grammar Questions
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Vocabulary

Books to practice in different topics of verbal ability:

  • Verbal Reasoning: Sujit Kumar
  • Vocabulary: Norman Lewis
  • Grammar: Wren n Martin (optional)

We have discussed all the details, and now it’s your turn to convert it to the best. Be confident during the exam and believe yourself. Instead of focussing on attempting more questions, focus on accuracy and give the best shot.

All the best from our team for CAT Exam 2022.