How to Improve Your Grammar Skills with Grammarly

A good communication skill has become a must in today’s world. Be it professional or personal life one needs to have a good command over language, especially English as it ranks 1st as the 2nd spoken the language at the global level. Grammar


Most of us are well versed with English and have learned it through normal conversation or by listening to movies or other media channels. But the point of concern is what we know as English is actually the vernacular form (a language spoken by native people which are not so grammatically correct.) This form although understood by people around us can lead to trouble as different forms of one sentence or jumbled up words, incorrect placement of punctuation can lead to a different meaning from others perspective.

A grammar mistake can seriously lead to you to “death”. Don’t worry, just kidding. But it can surely lead to

  • Poor first impression

  • Inability to communicate ideas

  • Committing errors

  • A hindered growth path

  • Frequent embarrassments

  • Of course, not death but I don’t like the rest either


Language has evolved over time. There are certain rules for sentence construction and delivery. Not complying may not be a trouble in your group but can lead to blunders in the outside world and trust me spellcheck doesn’t help much.

OMG. What should I do?

Don’t worry. Today’s internet has provided we with a certain add-on that will surely help us get rid of “the trouble with words”.

For example- Grammarly is one such tool. It’s easy to use, fast and a life saver. By simply uploading your documents, mail writes up etc. you can get the grammar checked or add it to your web browser and wow, instant check and correct options.

I really don’t need grammar assist.

Really? If that is the case were you able to identify – the number of mistakes in the paragraphs above. Give it a thought.

So, it only works as a grammar assist?

Not really. If you want to improve your language, simply do some writing practice and get it checked by Grammarly. It will be your tutor and guide for a perfect English. Working in the office? Get you emails and other professional write-ups checked before sending. Trust me it can save your soul at such moments as companies also suffer giant losses due to miscommunication within that happens because of different vernacular origins leading to different perspectives & hence different meanings.

Grammar with Grammarly
Grammar with Grammarly

How is your writing so good?

Well, I have Grammarly

But why Grammarly?

Well, it is fast, cheap, looks awesome, helps you appear cool & jokes apart it saves you from embarrassment, language mistakes, helps you learn ta the same amount, being online it is easy to access from anywhere, anytime, can be attached to your browser so that it always got your back. 

Are you saying I should get it?

I am just saying it’s worth it.

Skilled guru will be there for advice, guidance & much more. Helping you be the game changer.