Four Killer Points to Learn Anything in 20 Hours

All the skills you need to learn for a career, professional or educational life can be learned in 20 hours per activity or only a new skill every week.

20 Hours to Learn Anything

Wait for a minute friend that is possible. You must have heard of the learning curve, if not let me tell you it says “to master any new skill you at least need to dedicate 10,000 hours of concentration”. This statement with time became “to be good at any new skill contribute 10,000 hours” which is now known as

“To learn a new skill, you need 10,000 hours of concentration.”

The study was conducted by taking a sample of amazing athletes & prominent people. Keeping this in mind it becomes apparent that 10,000 hours are needed to become extraordinary or achieve near perfection but then how much time does it take to learn a new skill for just being good at it? It turns out you need only 20 hours of complete focus for that. Have a look at the

Learning curve showed above (performance against time).

But I have never learned any skill in just 20 hours

I know that’s because you need to keep in mind a few points to learn a skill which are

-> Break the skill

-> Learn as per priority

-> Give your 100% focus

-> Don’t just read, practice

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I Did Not Get it

Don’t worry let me explain you each point.

** Break the skill

Let us consider learning the Microsoft Excel. Learning Excel can be broken into bits as learning the basic operations like how to save, move between cells, cell address, etc.

The second part will be learning functions of general use that is important keeping in mind your work, for example, VLOOKUP, Pivot, etc.

The third part will be practicing those learned functions & may be experimenting a bit.

Breaking is significant as it helps you to be more organized and focus on one certain area at one particular moment.

** Learn as per priority

Focus on learning functions that are of utmost importance. You can be proficient in office by learning less than 50 services only. No need to learn anything that you will not be using. Let’s only look at what is important for us. Don’t follow the crowd because your needs will be different as per your work.

How to Set Priorities

* Give Your 100% Focus

  • 100 % focus is required to reach accelerated learning as soon as possible. Because if the focus is not s per required level you will end up wasting a lot of time in the slow learning zone only.

Stay Focused Today

Remember we are not trying to crack any exam here. Only reading will not be sufficient. Practice is a must. Only practice can make the skill a part of your nature.
  •  Don’t just Read, Practice.

Theory and practice words are written on the chalkboard

Happy Learning

Hope this article gives you wings to fly in better future.

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