Why Interview Tips Working for Toppers and Not for You: Hr Interview Tips


It’s funny when we meet candidates who are leveraging Hr Interview tips, they always tell us one of two things…

Either they can’t figure out how to impress Hr(no matter how much knowledge they have)…


They’ve figured out how to impress Hr with their skills, but they don’t know how to beat the written exam which is taken before the interview?

Job Interview tips

Now, We know what you are thinking… there are so many Interview tips that are helping to get selected for a job that there must be a way to make it work.

But here’s the thing. Because we are working in the field of career counseling, We are able to talk to thousands of candidates each year and dig into there skills. And of the ones that leverage Interview tips, most aren’t able to get selected in a single interview even in a customer care job.

In other words, it’s not working for them.

It’s not because Interview tips are flawed. It’s that most people don’t fully understand it.

Why doesn’t Interview tips work for most candidates?

What most of the candidates don’t realize is that all interviews are not the same. And We are not talking about standard jobs and income. We are talking about purpose.

When you read about a candidate that get selected because he/she follows all the interview tips, then you thought he/she is perfect in all. Let’s get started,

How to Impress Hr(no matter how much knowledge you have)

No one tells you the secret, and we know we are going to receive some complaining letters from Hr’s after telling this truth. Do you know most of the Hr’s who are taking your interview are first prepared some technical questions and they mug up their answers? Yeah, that’s right. It is so easy to impress these type of Hr’s. But there is also one more category in which Hr is talented and he shows his knowledge by asking difficult questions from you.

First impression in Interview

You don’t have to worry about the Hr, that person is also a human being. Just play with the mind of that intelligent guy. What you have to do is normal face reading and notice his reactions with a decent confident smile on your face when you are entering an interview hall. Now the game begins:

Show some etiquettes, don’t sit without permission. Wish him Good Morning or noon which ever have sense. Now wait for the question and keep a focus on your hands and legs at that time. Your hands must be on your thighs and your backbone in a straight position.

Note: Be normal, overreacting may become your reason for rejection in an interview.

Now, the first question, in 99% cases the chance is interviewer asks about yourself. Don’t show them you mug up this answer and say something good with good expressions like you are confident and knows everything.

After that, the interviewer asks questions to test your knowledge, be confident if you know the answer and if not then simply say no and accept it. In this world accept the power of buttering and show the interviewer how decent you are.

If Interviewer gives a chance to ask a question then don’t miss this opportunity and ask a question, not about your salary or something. Ask like about the company that shows how much you are interested to get this job.

Trust me, These things help will help you to get the job easily. Many times you have to change yourself according to the environment for some benefits.

How to beat the written exam which is taken before the interview?

Do you know why these exams organize? Any idea? We will start with a secret don’t think these aptitude exams is to test your knowledge. Forget about this shit. These tests are only because to cut out the numbers. Yes, it is only because to decrease the number of candidates for Hr round. In India, lacks candidates are jobless. And to decrease the numbers many companies choose these tactics.

written exam before interview

If you want to beat the exam don’t get panic. Those exams are so simple you can clear it easily. There some standard questions which every exam almost have it. You can find these questions on India Bix just check it and understand the concept. Please don’t mug it up.

One more thing we want to share. If you are going for an exam that mainly for freshers and hundreds of participants are participating. Then remember one thing here luck comes. I am talking about reality. The authority took random answer sheets and select candidates from them. If you are lucky then your answer sheet may be a part of it.  So never underestimate yourself . Go for interviews exams as much as you can. There are endless options in today’s world.

Never miss a chance to taking a part in any Interview. It is ok if you don’t want to work for that company take that chance to enhance your skills. Take each interview as a practical training and learn something new from it.

Hope you find this article interesting. In this, we only talk about reality.

If you need any help or you have queries related to your carrier you can shoot a mail on [email protected]. You can also comment below if you need any guidance, we will try to write about that topic in our next article.