The Real Truth of all Lies

Why do People lie?

Why would anyone come up with something that does not exist or has never happened before? So, what’s the truth?

Have you lied before?

Let us look at it closely and answer all our questions. While laying a person states incorrect facts and present them as real

He/she lies because of

False Achievement

The majority of individuals lie about themselves to create a false feeling of achievement for them. Achieving a target or getting praised about it because you lied creates the same sense of pride. The feeling undoubtedly is awesome, but it drifts you away from your path that could have led to your goal in reality.

This is the greatest mistake anyone can do as you end up putting yourself in a state of illusion where nothing is real. It feels good but when this illusion breaks it would be too late to bend things.

You are Scared

People also lie because they are scared of the situation- something that may lead to embarrassment or a sense of guilt. You may be able to dodge the situation but trust me “it will follow you.” One day or the other you will face them again because by denying the truth you have also lost the opportunity to learn or improve.

The fear never really goes away. Although you played well defensively in the future situations you will be more scared & use lies more often because it is the easiest way to get away.


Sometimes a lie is thrown at others to change the perception of you or turn the situation in your favors. But by telling lies in the face of your obvious ones you have started a chain of lies that appear as an attempt to protect the previous lie and never ends but only gets revealed as “the world is not stupid.”

Remember if you are manipulating others, the same can be done to you.

Skilled Guru wants to help people realize the power of truth and escape from the trap of telling lies. Although comfortable, it’s a trap after all.

The Real Truth

“Telling a lie is like shooting a bullet in the air, it will fall back on you.”


    Sometimes people lie so they don’t hurt someone they care about.

    I think that you missed 4-ENTERTAINMENT some people just seem to get a kick out of it. have missed “To Protect” someone from someone.

    I agree with the quote. Lying is a part of human nature and you cannot change human nature. Anyone who claims that they never lie is a liar.
    Sure, we always believe that. In fact, our tradition always say to tell the truth. However, for some simple things as above, it is better to keep their feeling rather than telling the truth. However, I understand your point.

  2. The text revolves around social & corporate life where lie is used intentionally but in personal & family spheres the emotional quotient is so high that it can not be converted to simple rules.But yes adding entertainment would have been good. Thank you for your input.

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