After so much preparation of technical and non-technical interview questions, students are ready to face engineering job interviews. It is critical to understand what the interviewer look into the engineers. Employers were looking for the best candidates having excellent skills and personality that were a good fit for their requirements. Their skills select some, some of their experience and work in college time. There are some common things that an employer wants in an engineer irrespective of their engineering field.

These days engineering companies looking for the professional engineers means engineer must have technical knowledge of professionalism. Engineering companies and other organizations seek to hire those personalities that are having sound knowledge in spite of this good behavior and attitude too.

Professional Skills that Interviewer Most Want to See in Engineering Graduates:-

  • Technical Skills Required For a Job:

Good grades are very much important. They want to know that you have the education, credentials, and experience that fulfill the job requirements. They indicate that you have the ability to learn and have mastered certain skills.

Froistad said, “In addition to the technical skills that are relevant to the position, employers routinely look for applicants that have relevant internship experience, strong performance in courses related to the position, and engagement in activities outside of the classroom.” Many entry-level job postings require applicants to have at least a 65% cutoff, and there are about half as many employment opportunities available to those that have a percentage below 65%.

Now a day’s focus on Soft Skills by the employers is increasing. They need those candidates that can analyze complex problems, quickly make decisions about how to handle the situation and then offer and implement solutions.

Your chances of selection for a job would be increased number of times if you were included in activities that were showing your creativity, teamwork and your leadership. You’ll need to be able to clearly communicate thoughts or issues with management, give presentations to customers, and keep in touch with lots of people with different sources.

  • T-Shape Concept:

The concept of T-shaped skills is a metaphor. T-shaped is used in job recruitment to describe the abilities of individuals in the workforce. The vertical bar on the T represents the depth of related skills and expertise in a single field. The horizontal bar is the ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts in other areas. And to apply knowledge in areas of competence other than one’s own. Source: Wikipedia.

Many interviewers prefer traditional individuals for engineering positions since they seem less likely to take unnecessary risks. Innovative and Creative are valued, but risk-takers are not preferred as much as they are in some professions.