7 New Year Resolutions For Career

We all have some dreams and Dreams are the reason for one’s success. “Dreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when you don’t sleep before fulfilling them”. Here are 7 New Year Resolutions that can help you to start your Career on the right track.

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New Year Resolutions for students

1. Stay Healthy and Fit

I know this is the same New Year Resolutions you took in the previous year. The healthy body gives you healthy Life. This is the most important resolution. Start doing Exercise for 15 minutes daily like go for the morning walk or gym or yoga, it all depends on you. It will help you to become more productive means more successful this year. Start sweating more this year to fulfill your Career dreams.

2. Right Attitude Leads you to Success

A negative person always sees only the worst side of things, while a positive person sees the good in everything, the silver lining behind every cloud. So, if you are preparing for any competitive exams like GATE, CDS etc or searching a job by giving Interviews; Start preparing with more Passion and with a concrete Plan(Click Here). Often, our attitude at the beginning of a task will affect its outcome more than anything else.

3. Enhance your Personality

It is the most important factor that leads you to success in this new year. Now the Question is ” How to improve personality?” Factors that will affect your personality are Effective Speaking, Self Confidence, Enthusiasm, Decision, Win Friends, Faith, Positive Mental Attitude and Develop Skill to kill Fear.

4. Simplify, Then Focus

This New Year Resolution clears your Goals for Future. The most successful human beings are wildly focused. Don’t Get confused with Competitive Exams and Jobs. If you are Going for exams like GATE or CDS or SSC, then try only for that particular exam, saying “no” to everything that is not mission critical. Simplify your Goals. Strip away all that is unimportant – these are the things keeping you from getting to your dreams.

5.  Fail to Win

“Sometimes we need to lose our way to find our way”. Means you have to leave the common world which is full of comforts, leave the Comfort Zone and proof yourself this year by Selecting in different interviews or clearing the competitive exams. I know you have the capacity to do anything but what you have to do is Less Talk, More Do. Failure is fuel for Success If you choose So.

6. Action Plan

Daily Action Plan saves your time and contributes to focus on important things and less likely to forget to do tasks. Use a pen and paper to make a daily list, mention your all targets for the whole day. It helps to save your time and also contributes to decide your priorities. Highlight the things on your list which is more important to do.

Download Free Action Plan Chart click here.

Think about this: Important activities should be of high priority because they are the things that contribute most significantly to our objectives. Top Priorities things have a more long-term impact, and they should help us the most in reaching our goals. This New Year Resolution Enhance Your Time Management Skills and saves time for preparations for Exams and Interviews.

7. Attend all Classes

If the subject is boring and you are skipping classes. If you have some other hobby or interest that you prefer spending time on – why not change your subject of study now, and pursue your true dream rather than prepare yourself for a career in a field that does not excite you? Think, Plan and Action 

These New Year Resolutions change your life. Take it seriously and start preparing for your Job Interviews and Competitive exams now. Best of luck from Skilled Guru.


  1. I loved this! Simple but very important resolutions for everyone. I agree with all of them and I really liked the Fail to Win tip.

  2. I agree with all of them and.liked it,and also thank you for giving tips for preparing exams.

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