The Illusion of Reality: Understanding How We Create and Interact With Reality

What if I tell you the world that you have been living in is a product of your beliefs, not only yours but a cumulative effect of what people agree on. What if I tell you everything you see, you feel, you touch is a creation of humanity and need not be real. 

What if the lines written above are true? Would you still continue to live the same way? Would you still be scared of height or fire?

The world is not as you know it. The way you are today is a result of long-term evolution, long thought believes and a sum of your surroundings, people and the way you perceive them. The social & economic structure that you will in was created to maintain a balance in society, but listen carefully it was created and does not appear natural. The way you are ought to behave, walk, talk exists only because this is the standard agreed upon by the majority, it may or may not be good or the best.


In short, all the social realms, sayings, life cycle, do & don’ts are made up by people at the top of the hierarchy.

– The education system we believe in was meant to cater the need of humanity & not the need of brain or body.

– The money that you thrive for is a piece of paper with numbers (it was made by man)

-The socio-economic system in which you struggle for success was created by a handful of people.

-The failure is just a low step in the world’s made up race.

-The words like good, bad, ethical, success, pleasure have different meanings across different places on Earth.


But What’s the Point Talking About it?

The point is realizing the fact that what the world tells you about yourself is also not true. If you survive here, you succeed you suit the system, if not you are not a failure but only a misfit and being a misfire gives you all the opportunities to create your own place, your own life, your own value in the system.

Don’t be upset if you don’t belong in this world, cherish it, and enjoy it.

Where there is a will there is a way, if not create your own

Skilled Guru wants people to break the old norms of the system & create what is new, what is right & what should prevail.


Skilled Guru

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