Project Manager Interview Questions

It is the best strategy to analyze and research the project manager interview questions before going for an interview. The project manager is the person who is responsible for the accomplishment of projects objectives. Furthermore, this individual is behind the team progress, mutual parties interaction, and maintaining the tasks of various parties. Also, this person altogether reduces overall failure cost and hence maximize profits. The project manager is responsible for everything about the project starting from the budget distribution, a delegation of tasks to the risk identification and successful project delivery.

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Through this post, we are going to share trending project interview questions. But before this, let us aware you with the required skills and responsibilities along with the interview preparation tips: best interview Questions for Manages 

Project Manager Responsibilities:

A project manager is a person who is responsible for a successful initiation, planning, design, execution, controlling and closure of a project. The project manager possesses a combination of skills and ability which is a necessity to take significant decisions for the benefits of team and on-time delivery of projects.

Activity Planning

Planning is one of the crucial steps to define the scope of the project and develop a schedule to manage the hurdles during the practical implication effectively. A project manager prepares an impact strategy plan to enlist the full list of activities which are crucial for the projects. Also, the project manager lists all the information by keeping project’s budgets and schedules in mind. Above all, the project manager is also responsible for preparing a backup plan if the situation demands.

Organise the Team Structure

Organising the team structure based on the available resources is another important responsibility of a project manager. A project manager focuses on the team efforts to develop a plan to reach the required goals without any hindrance to performance. He/she hierarchies the roles of a human resource to assign the responsibility of each person in the team to meet the project delivery.

Project Manager Responsibilities
Project Manager Responsibilities

Leading the Team

Leading as a project manager means delegating the responsibilities to the team very wisely, and it becomes imperative while handling big projects. Leadership quality requires excellent emotional intelligence skills as well as cognitive skills to deal with team members. A project manager is responsible for maintaining the team throughout the project completion, monitor the progress, and resolving any form of conflicts in the organization. https://skilledguru.in/leadership-qualities-become-good-leader/

Project Manager Skills

As a project manager, you have to handle complex members in complex roles and to lead an army of such team; you must have the required skills. So, you must have the ability to read the body language, negotiate the terms and conditions, and many other professions.

Project management interview tips
Project Management Skills

Hence, I am sharing some of the hottest skills in the current market for project managers.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

A project manager spends a lot of time while communicating, as he/she is the person responsible for effectively conveying vision, mission, and ideas of the project by using presentation skills. Communication acts as a bridge between you and your team as you need to deal with everyone associated with the team, from vendors to stakeholders and from contractors to consumers.

Team Management Skills

Team management is the ability to convince the team members to work together to achieve a single goal.  It is the responsibility of a project manager to administer and coordinate a group of individuals by setting goals, resolving conflicts, and by evaluating every member’s performance.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating skills is the must have for project managers to satisfy all the parties. A project manager has to negotiate on many factors to get maximum benefits. These factors include the use of resources, budgets, schedules, and several other unavoidable compromises.

Project Manager Interview Tips

I understand that the interview is a hectic process, and it needs skills and abilities if you want to crack a project manager interview. It is essential to familiarise yourself with the company’s functions and their leaders before an interview. Be it a project manager interview, or any other interview, the goal must be to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Project Manager Interview Tips
Project Manager Interview Tips

This approach will help you to stand out from the crowd. The selection process in a project management interview depends on your attitude, experience, knowledge, and the ability to handle different tricky questions.  Through this post, I am sharing some of the hacks and tips to ace a project manager interview:

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1. Make an Impressive First Impression

It is very much essential to make an impressive first impression as it creates an image of yours in the interviewer’s mind. Be well dressed for the interview and offer warm greetings to everyone you meet from the receptionist to the interviewer.

2. Tell Stories From Your Career

An interview is all set to hire the best candidate based on their ability and skills, and a story from your career is the best way to show your problem-solving aptitude to the interviewer. A real-world example always fascinates everyone, so such questions should be responded to positively.

3. Research the Company

  • It is advised to research the company’s background and its objective before an interview. Prepare a chart with the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of the company.
  • Set Google News Alert to get updated news alert about the company you are interviewing.
  • Glassdoor is a great platform to know about the employer’s reviews and salary. So, search on Glassdoor to understand the working and social environment of the company.

4. Ask Questions

Prepare at least five questions to ask the interviewer at the end. Asking a question shows that you are interested in the position. Ironically, on the other hand, it gives you more information about your role in the job as well as the company’s future goals. It plays an important role when you are facing Project Manager Interview Questions.

Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Finally, it is time to discuss the questions and answers related to project manager interview. So, we are going to share some of the questions which are essential during project management interview.

1. Tell me about yourself.

It is the most common question which you can be asked in an interview. Hence, the response should be taken as a self-promotion opportunity to blabber about yourself. You can tell about your projects in the last company or also talk about your education and career achievements. Try to keep the answer short and respond in a positive attitude.

2. Have you ever failed and how you have responded in return?

With this question, the interviewer wants to test your pressure handling ability. Hence, answer with a story from your experience. Furthermore, you can also create a story if you haven’t tasted failure in the past. Since success and failures are two inevitable facts of life, so, giving a negative response would not cause a positive mark in your evaluation. Hence rather being blurred to the question, you can come with any event, meeting, activity story that cause you in trouble.

3. How do you monitor your project?

This project manager interview question manages to test the managerial ability of the interviewee. So, share your skills and all the actions you have taken during the monitoring of earlier projects. Remember that the answer must highlight your managerial ability, and also impress the interviewer.

4. Do you have an experience of international project team management?

International projects could be a key factor if the company you have applied is multi-national. Hence, if you have any experience of handling the international project, then share your story during the interview. But, be honest if you haven’t the experience. Infosys fresher HR technical interview Questions, We hope this post will help you to understand the roles of a project manager that will help you to ace the interview. Also, it takes a lot of time and effort to present such information in front of the audience. So, please show your love by sharing this post and giving your feedback in the comment section.