Success Beyond Your Employment

I know it feels like life has come to a stop when anything and everything just passes by with a not so

understood meaning or aim,

but only an amount paid.

You wanna run away or stay contained,

as this is not what you dreamt & you feel strained.

But don’t lose hope as it’s not the end,

you know yourself too, just recollect.

And hear my voice in your heart saying

Don’t sit in that Cubicle

I know you have worked very hard to reach so far,

But look around you this is not who you are.

Please don’t sit in that cubicle

the effect is not so removable.

I know it’s been a lot of days

since you felt a rush in your vein.

Life has got so comfortable

you can’t remember fighting to be honorable.

That professional smile, waving with a hi,

or breaths filled with passion, never saying goodbye.

Ignoring your dreams for one juicy paycheck

or the pounding heart of success, overlooking the sunset.

Forget to go to sleep

wake up, conquer your dream

Because it’s never too late

Value yourself, you are not waste.

Your days have a meaning; your life has a goal

The more you drift away, the more world’s loss.

Because only your courage can bring the change,

It is your life, no one else to blame.

Step out of the door

Summon your very soul.

Don’t forget who you are,

Outside the cubicle, I know you are a star.

So shine as you should

don’t regret in older days what you could.

Break the bonds, be strong,

You have already achieved it; the only date needs to be told.

Unleash yourself with all you got,

Stand high & snatch your spot.

Get it done or die while flying

It’s worth a shot, give it a try.

Don’t sit in that cubicle; it’s not your place

Try your best, that’s the only way

Sacrifice what you have, to have what you want

Skilled Guru. Let us Be the Game Changer.

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