The Power of Belief

“I guarantee all of you who are going to read this article, your life will change the moment you finish it, ” and this change will happen because of you. All is Because of Power of Belief.

“Placebo” ever heard the word before.

Not Really

No issue. I will explain. A placebo is referred to a medicine without any real therapeutic effect. Real patients have been treated successfully with fake medicines (that is without any drugs), a phenomenon known as the placebo effect.

But why am I talking about this?

Why? I don’t know.

I am trying to tell you the principle behind. The saying of many great people “things happen when you want them to happen” is right. Believing in an event or power modifies your body & brain in certain ways by releasing hormones for example( oxytocin: responsible for happiness). These hormones direct your mind and body towards your belief, and that increases chances of success.

“Thinking positive gives positive.”

“You become what you believe.”

are all real friends.

How can I utilize the placebo effect?

It turns out that the placebo effect works even when you know it’s a placebo only.

So whatever is your goal, target or mission the first step to accomplishing it should be believing in it because only that will automatically tune you as per requirements.

The second phase should be only to use the placebo and not relying on it.

The third step will be taking advantage of this added benefit and putting in all efforts for achievement.

Trust me

“Your belief is your cure.”

The fourth step will be planning a success party and send a special invitation to Skilled Guru.  🙂

How do I invite Skilled Guru?

Don’t worry. That is a joke. :-))

Stay tuned for more updates, tips, tricks, help and be the game changer.


  1. good exercise to enhance the collective consciousness , when it is at a bottom..it improve positivism and reduce negativity in human at work …..

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