How to achieve Satisfaction in Life?

The  Trickiest question with the simplest answer. You need M.O.K.S.H.A for Satisfied life. 

Oh no, I am not joking.

You need M.O.K.S.H.A.







Understand its Deep Meaning. I promise. It will change your life in few minutes.


How to achieve satisfaction in life? Let’s start with my favorite


O-Oneself only refers to the person’s physical structure. Marinating own body & physique is the only thing that people can do for self, rest all are done for others. Maintaining health is important as everything that comes from you, be it your ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, movements, gestures, etc. all reside in your body. Consider it a house for everything and good things can only live in a good structure.

As the shape of symbol “O” suggests everything revolves around you when you are at the center, and your keeping in mind structure is your real reflection, your physical self is the hub of everything that originates, ends or passes by you.

Wearing a good cover is n’t matter but having it gives you the confidence to live & grow.


Our brain is destined to learn, it was born curious and will end thirsty. I am not talking about books or school syllabus. Every living person has a domain of curiosity towards which his/her interests are inclined. Feeding the knowledge in a right way, answering the curiosity within, always trying to acquire new skills ( yes knowledge is not only text & words, but it also includes physical, mental & other skills. In fact, anything that can be learned is a part of acquiring knowledge.

As the shape of alphabet “K” suggests knowledge from different directions from various domains & different origins should be absorbed without any preconceptions. This process of growth has ever to be stopped for one’s lifetime.

Having an excellent knowledge set gives a feeling of importance in the social structure and makes you of use to the world.


Self-utilization. Achieving a sound body & a conscious brain is useless if not used for the betterment of self & others and not pushed beyond limits. Self-utilization or putting yourself to work gives you a reason to breathe, wake up daily & expand your wisdom. It not only maintains your body & knowledge levels but also helps increase them & adds the bonus of understanding.

As the shape of alphabet “S” suggests, self-utilization makes you flexible at both physical & mental level. Let’s you open for new ideas & opportunities and generates a feeling of self-worth.


Hobbies. Apart from what you should learn & what is available in the surrounding, attention needs to be given to activities that are inherent in your nature as a combined result of your life experience and surrounding (merely hobbies). Hobbies help you shape yourself as it’s a kind of work that satisfies all thirst for knowledge, zeal for work & need for relaxation & enjoyment.

As the shape of alphabet ”H” suggests, it bridges the gap between the life that you live for self and that you live for others.

Hobbies are the best way to keep yourself busy which in turn affects every sphere of life in a positive way.


Allies. Allies only refer to people who accompany you on your life journey. It can be your family, friends, spouse, etc. Allies are important because no matter what your conditions are these are the people who will always know your true self, give you a reason to improve yourself and will always stand by you.

As the shape of alphabet “A” suggests, allies will always try to protect you even when they know it’s not possible.


Mind . The mind is the most important element of all. As all, mind only controls all the others. It balances your desires & needs, wishes & will, brain seven heart. Well, all the feelings & emotions that you feel come from your mind & not heart in reality. A sound mind will guide you to achieve all who will, in turn, relax your thoughts.

As the shape of alphabet “M: suggests a balance between all the opposing elements of mind that is need and desires is important.

That’s all from the Skilled Guru. Helping you change the game.

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