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The Real Truth of all Lies


Why do People lie? Why would anyone come up with something that does not exist or has never happened before? So, what’s the truth? Have you lied before? Let us look at it closely and answer all our questions. While laying…


How to achieve Satisfaction in life

How to achieve Satisfaction in Life? The  Trickiest question with the simplest answer. You need M.O.K.S.H.A for Satisfied life.  Oh no, I am not joking. You need M.O.K.S.H.A. Mind Oneself Knowledge Self-Utilization Hobbies Allies Understand its Deep Meaning. I promise.…

The Power of Belief

Effect of Placebo

“I guarantee all of you who are going to read this article, your life will change the moment you finish it, ” and this change will happen because of you. All is Because of Power of Belief. “Placebo” ever heard…